This service entails completing and maintaining accounting records, compiling annual financial statements, management accounting services, providing advice in respect of the accounting, treatment of transactions and implementing accounting systems.

We will also assist you in setting up an online or offline accounting system supplying an accounting solution to suit your needs while also providing training and on-going support to your staff.

Our accounting services include:

Monthly Accounting

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts.
  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts and budgets.
  • Monthly accounts processing.
  • Debtors processing, statements and reconciliations.
  • Creditors processing, statements and reconciliations.
  • Calculation, completion and submission of all statutory returns.
  • VAT processing, reconciliations and submissions.


  • Computerised offline/online payroll service.
  • PAYE/UIF/SDL processing, reconciliations and submissions.
  • Monthly payroll and employees tax reconciliations and returns.
  • Completion of IRP5 and IT3 forms.
  • Bi-annual and annual payroll and employees tax reconciliations and returns.

Annual Financial Statements

  • Accounting to Balance Sheet
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Independent Reviews
  • Accounting Officer/Accountant Appointments
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements