A review is often needed if (1) You have significant financing that has a loan requiring this level of assurance, (2) You are seeking financing and the added assurance might be beneficial. (3) You  need to Submit your NPO documents. (4) You don't really know what is happening with your accounting records. (5) You don't really trust what your accountant is doing. With this service, a team is dispatched to 'review' the records of your entity. The review engagement is less substantive then an audit and is perfect for your small to medium sized entity when you need auditors to check your records. The Review seeks to verify accuracy with processes to:
  • Reconcile receivables and payables
  • Trace subsequent payments and receipt of cash
  •  Verify invoices for asset additions
  • Review receipts for possible
  • Verify balance sheet items
  • In addition to the above there is an analytical analysis on the revenues and expenses to add some assurances as to their reasonableness.
With a Review engagement we provide the following
  1. A entity Review
  2. Financial statements
  3. Income tax return submission
  4. Maintained asset register
  5. Maintained loan accounts


With a Compilation the financial statements are prepared based on information provided by management. This can come in the form your accounting software information or bank statements. Verification procedures are not required. For example, with the payables listing gathered from your accounting software or bank statement. This data would be reviewed with the client to insure there are no noticeable and significant errors or omission. We would not “reconcile” or vouch every balance to an independent supplier statement.

With a compilation we provide the following
  1. Financial statements
  2. Income tax return submission
  3. Maintained asset register
  4. Maintained loan accounts


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